We Are Back!!

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You may write me down in history… But still, like dust, I’ll rise… Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear…  I rise I rise I rise. ~ Maya Angelou

beingU is back and today is about celebration. A celebration of rising from the jabs life keeps throwing at us as women, black women and women of color. I celebrate our beingU team comprised of different races and genders, who have stood behind me for years, supporting me and our concept. I also celebrate all those in the lingerie industry who embarked on this same journey. And I especially celebrate our potential friends and clients who have awaited our return!

So much has changed in my life and in the world since seven years ago. I am no longer a 40-year-old, with a husband and a 14-year-old daughter. I now live mostly on my own, something I have never done in my whole life, while my 21-year-old daughter is away at university. But more on this in our next blog post.

The UK and US, which will remain our main markets for now, have undergone dramatic changes as well and seem like completely different places, unexpected to many. We as a brand are extremely optimistic about the landscape for black businesses. However, I still feel that there is limited funding for black women, particularly one of my age! While there are definitely more products for black women and women of color than when I first started this venture seven years ago, I still strongly feel that there are not enough products that reflect who we are. I believe the more products there are that reflect us, the more we stop being treated as a trend. And when black women stop being treated as a trend, we will not have to apologize for standing up and saying we are not considered. I know a lot of us out there at some point have been made to feel that we have a chip on our shoulders! Well, chip or whatever one wants to call it, if it brings about changes to people’s lives for the better then I’m proud to have this chip on my shoulder!

I get a different vibe from women like me, who look like me and have daughters like me. We are uniting and saying enough is enough in all aspects of our life. This is what excited me most, the idea of our potential together no matter where we live in the world.

beingU as a brand has evolved into something different. We will have three bra styles ranging from 28B to 44H. Everything we’ve previously planned will be released in phases over the next months. I am very excited about our solutions range (available in May 2017) with our backless winged bra, silicone nipple covers and breast fillets to match our core colours. Our ButtaCup briefs will provide whole coverage providing a comfortable experience for our wearers.

We as black women and women of colour need to see ourselves reflected and I have made it my personal mission to accomplish this goal.

Sadia Sisay, Founder of beingU

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